How to Help Youths Heal from Grief

It is a very sad time, for most of us when we lose someone we love or someone at such an early age. Loss is not easily forgotten and people tend to process their grief differently. The majority of youths do not process their grief quickly, it can take days, weeks, and months to even begin the processing through a death of a friend, family member, sibling, or loved one.

  • It is important for people to be supportive during this time of loss.
  • Allowing youths to openly and safely share their thoughts and feelings with one another or with a trusting adult can ease the grieving process.
  • Support group can be helpful for youths to understand the grieving process is unpleasant, something everyone deals with during our lives, and will take time for it to lose it sting.
  • Anniversary dates are powerful for youths and can trigger a lot of memories or intrusive feelings.
  • It is also important for people around a youth who have experienced a loss to look out for changes in mood, sleeping and eating patterns, as well as behavioral problems.
  • Some youths like to use art as a way to express their feelings, such as drawing murals, making collages, or writing poems celebrating the life of the person they have lost.

The grieving process does not always need to have a treatment component. With the right amount of support and availability of others, the grieving process can turn to a healing process.


Joe Brumfield LPCC-S